Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October's Advert and some CT Inspiration!

This month saw me stumbling across the Anthropologie website (all in the interests of research! LOL) and finding this gorgeous advert to inspire and delight you! Lauren has taken the idea of multiple portraits with captions underneath to inspire her this month! Love this one Lauren :)

Lisa has borrowed the concept of the grid and multiple photos and been inspired by the gorgeous greens and neutrals in the advert to create this action packed LO! Gorgeous!

Gina has again been inspired by the gorgeous colours in the ad, and used some favourite pics out of some home decorator mags to create this amazing LO. Love the masking and the flourish Gina!!

Kirsty Has used the idea of muliple photos in a grid, simple lines and the type written font to create this LO of her crazy kids enjoying ice cream in the middle of winter!

Don't forget to have your LO's emailed to us (email addy in the side bar) by October 25th with a little sentence (or two) about how the advert inspired you! The Princesses will be by shortly to let us know all about the wonderful prize up for grabs this month! (and we will be back shortly to let you know about last month's winners! Its close girls!)

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